WITL: Monday (and so it begins)


WITL Walking the dog
Great morning for a walk in the park

Day one is almost over. I’m starting to figure out how to balance getting things done and documenting my life. It’s a busy week around here this week and I wanted to get on top of the basic household stuff like food and laundry so I can ignore it a little later in the week. There were plenty of times when getting things done took over and photos were forgotten. Like vacuuming and picking up milk (I forgot to save the receipt to document grocery prices). That’s OK. I’m sure I’ll shop again this week. And I pretty much stopped making notes shortly after lunch. Might try to enlist more support from my boybarians, but they are more tolerant than enthusiastic, so maybe I shouldn’t push it too far. But my experiments with propping up my phone to get photos of me making dinner and banana bread at the same time worked reasonably well.

WITL Cooking up a storm
Multitasking – making dinner and baking

I’m noticing a tension between the life I want to take photos of and the life I’m actually living. Even something as simple as walking the dog this morning didn’t actually look the way I wanted or expected it to. I wanted to show Juno walking ahead in the sunshine. Instead, she seemed reluctant and kept walking behind. Very unlike her. Until a cyclist rode by. Suddenly she picked up the pace and looked friskier. So I did get the shot I wanted to in the end. But that tension will return. I’m trying to embrace simply documenting what is imperfections and all. But I also want to take photos that look good. I’ll settle for well exposed and well composed and let reality be what it is.

Fencers going to practice
My fencers going to practice

I’m also starting to think about how to put all these words and photos into an album. I want to use what I have and keep it as quick and simple as possible. I am enjoying sorting the photos in Lightroom as I go, but that won’t always be possible. For now I’ll stick to my Midori for writing in.

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