October Writing Challenge


I have been frustrated by how little of my story is in my scrapbooks. Sure there are pieces of me on my pages, but when I put my pages in chronological order last year, I was surprised and disappointed that they didn’t add up to a story. They were random snippets from our lives over the years, with rather glaring omissions. Some of that was because it’s always harder to tell the more difficult stories, but mainly it was because I started scrapbooking as a creative outlet. It helped me unwind and reconnect with my creative side after my boys were in bed. I never set out to tell stories, really. I wrote about moments and silly things they did but left out major events if the photos weren’t great, or they simply didn’t inspire me that day. And that included most anything that happened indoors in winter. And anything that happened when I didn’t have a camera handy. And scores of other things. I realize that I can never scrapbook everything about our lives, but I would like my scrapbooks to include what happened in our lives and how we’ve changed.

So I’m setting myself a challenge this month to write something everyday about writing our stories in our scrapbooks. Some days that might mean sharing a layout and how the design and details contribute to the story, other days it might be writing prompts and a page (or pages) that I made in response to them. And then there will be days when I link to other sites with journaling prompts, or techniques, and other days might simply be an inspirational quote. There will be plenty of life obstacles to posting every day this month. Next weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada so I will be cooking and be celebrating with family, and I have volunteer responsibilities that will get rather busy in the last week of the month. And then there are Halloween costumes to¬†create because my kids choose to be unusual things like Roman centurions for Halloween and of course, can’t make up their mind until a week before. Life is crazy most months around here, why should October be any different?

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