Finishing Friday: Decluttering my Craft Room

Finishing Friday: decluttering my craft room one project at a time

Creativity used to be all about shiny, new things for me. Shiny new ideas, bright new supplies, new classes. I kept chasing the elusive inspiration of new. And finishing just wasn’t as exciting or fun. There was always a new class, new inspiration, a new challenge or sketch to play with. That was in the heyday of scrapbooking. I scrapped up a storm and didn’t worry too much about my overshopping or the trail of unfinished projects. I’d use it eventually, right? But now, I have a hoard of supplies and a pile of unfinished projects and abandoned ideas. And my creativity is suffering for it. So I’m starting a project I’m calling Finishing Friday to give myself a weekly deadline to finish a few of my unfinished projects.

I’ve decided to make scrapbooking a priority on Fridays whenever possible. I will play in my craft room and finish some of the projects that I’ve left unfinished over the years. Some might simply need to be abandoned, but many just need a little love and attention to become what I imagined in the first place.

This week, I’ve been clearing out a few corners of our basement in preparation for a big renovation project we plan to start soon. That’s where I found this old canvas that needed the letters attached and a bit more paint to be complete. I remember starting it after I seeing something similar on Pinterest years ago. My laundry room is cramped and ugly, so I liked the idea of creating something to brighten it up a bit. But I had never made a canvas before and it intimidated me a bit. I probably put it aside to work on a layout that was in my comfort zone. Then it got pushed further and further aside until it wound up in the corner of my darkest storage room.

Well, my laundry room still needs some brightening up, so this seems like a good project to finish. I gave the canvas another quick coat of paint, arranged and adhered the chipboard letters with some glossy accents, added yet another layer of paint over the letters and canvas, and finally added Glossy Accents to each letter to give them some depth and shine. The hardest part was all the waiting for each stage to dry. But I’m happy with the results and can’t wait to get the hardware to hang it in my tiny laundry room.

So far, I’ve finished a couple of projects with my Finishing Friday incentive. I also sorted and cleared a few piles of paper off my counter while waiting for the different stages of this canvas to dry. This was a simple project really, but finishing it lifted a bit of an emotional burden off me. Just like clutter in the rest of our lives, the clutter of unfinished projects weighs on me and remind me of the decisions I’m avoiding. Finishing is a great way to clear that away and give my creativity a boost.


  1. Patti Walkden Noonan

    February 26, 2017 at 9:59 am

    Love this post – especially giving yourself the freedom to abandon a project all together! You have inspired me to tackle some unfinished projects Lydia – and rid myself of the clutter caused by indecisiveness!

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