About me


Hi, I’m Lydia!

I’m a scrapbooker from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia – roughly halfway between Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies. I love the mountains and lakes around here, but my heart is most at home near the ocean.

I have loved words and photos as long as I can remember. Some of my favourite childhood memories include playing with my Fisher-Price toy camera, pulling books off a bookshelf and trying to decipher the letters, going to the library and learning to use my┬ábrother’s camera. As a young adult, I made collages and used a sketchbook to play with art supplies and write out my conflicts, questions and celebrations. In hindsight, I was art journaling before I knew what an art journal was. I just knew it was more fun than simply writing.

I started scrapbooking about ten years ago.

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