5 Ways I Kickstart my Scrapbooking

Confession time: I haven’t scrapbooked in far too long. I’ve tried a few times, started pages, but got stuck, got pulled away by life, lost momentum, and didn’t finish them. It’s frustrating. I need to kickstart my scrapbooking routine. One of my goals for this year is to build a consistent creative process that works for my life now. The thing is, my life has changed a lot since I started scrapbooking, but my approach hasn’t changed nearly as much. But before I tackle my creative process, I need to start creating pages again. Where do I start?

(Un)luckily, I’ve been down this road a few times before. The Christmas holidays are typically a dry spell for me so I’m used to needing a bit of a jumpstart in January. Here’s what’s worked for me.

Clean up

Kickstart my scrapbooking by cleaning my messy desk

The (not so) simple act of cleaning up my work area can work wonders to get my creative ideas flowing. I find hidden treasures that I MUST use right away, or see a cool paper combination that reminds you of a photo I want to scrap, or unearth an old photo that reminds me of a story I want to tell.

Where was I?

Kickstart my scrapbooking by finishing this pile of unfinished pages

I have a few unfinished pages or projects lying around from the last time I scrapped (or a large pile from the last year or so). One simple way to get started is to add the finishing touches they’ve been waiting for. Many of my pages simply need a date or a small embellishment to be complete. Do it. And put it away. Unfinished projects can really weigh down our creativity. Often just an hour or less will lift that weight and allow your creativity to get inspired again.

Order new photos

I’m bad for this lately. I order most of my photos online these days. It seems like such a chore to upload and order photos, so I put it off and scrap some of the photos I already have. Then the number of photos to be printed gets overwhelming so I put it off even longer. Then my old photos aren’t looking so inspiring anymore. I really want to tell some stories from our summer vacation, but I haven’t ordered the photos yet. So I simply don’t scrap. Better to blast through the tedious uploading process and click submit order. Done.

Find Inspiration

Sometimes it’s a little simpler that all that. Sometimes, all it takes is a browse through an online gallery, or a few Pinterest boards to get us inspired and raring to scrap again. This is especially true when it’s only been a week or two since I’ve scrapbooked.

Accept a scrapbooking challenge

This is my favourite method. There are so many scrapbooking challenges on the internet. Colour challenges, recipe challenges, sketch challenges, subject or idea challenges. There are no end to them. Often the limitations that a challenge can impose on us are all we need to stretch our creativity. Some that I love to use are: CSI Color Stories Inspiration, the Cocoa Daisy blog and the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge.

So far, I’ve cleaned off my table, gathered my unfinished pages into a pile, started some crafty decor projects and ordered a bunch of photos. Now I’m ready to actually scrap again. What are your favourite ways to get started scrapbooking again? I’d love to hear.



  1. Sherry C.

    February 22, 2015 at 11:40 pm

    Great post, Lydia! I do the same things to get out of a creative funk; I really do need to order some photos, I’ve been putting that off for some reason. lol

    Glad to see you’re taking steps to get back to it!

    1. okmama@shaw.ca

      February 23, 2015 at 5:54 pm

      Thanks Sherry! Slowly, slowly the gears are starting to turn again.

  2. Susanne

    March 8, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    I find a little reorganizing (not a full blown clean up) in the studio and ordering new pictures are my greatest motivators. I hope you get thoroughly engrossed in scrapping and stay with it. Have fun too!

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