Finishing Friday: Decluttering my Craft Room

Creativity used to be all about shiny, new things for me. Shiny new ideas, bright new supplies, new classes. I kept chasing the elusive inspiration of new. And finishing just wasn’t as exciting or fun. There was always a new class, new inspiration, a new challenge or sketch to play with. That was in the …

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Play layout

My One Word for 2017: Play

I have chosen a theme word or one little word at the start of the calendar year for almost as long as I’ve been scrapbooking. Somewhere between eight and ten years. Time sure flies. This year I took some time in December to reflect on 2016 and consider what I wanted my one word to …

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5 Ways I Kickstart my Scrapbooking

Confession time: I haven’t scrapbooked in far too long. I’ve tried a few times, started pages, but got stuck, got pulled away by life, lost momentum, and didn’t finish them. It’s frustrating. I need to kickstart my scrapbooking routine. One of my goals for this year is to build a consistent creative process that works …

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I'm in! Week in the Life

WITL: Monday (and so it begins)

  Day one is almost over. I’m starting to figure out how to balance getting things done and documenting my life. It’s a busy week around here this week and I wanted to get on top of the basic household stuff like food and laundry so I can ignore it a little later in the …

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Week in the Life 2016 – Getting Ready

Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life 2016 project starts tomorrow. I’ve never completed an album for a Week in the Life project before, but I did take photos in for Week in the Life 2009. We were on vacation in Vancouver, so it wasn’t a typical week, but I figured I’d be taking lots of photos anyways, so why …

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Do You Have Plans for National Scrapbooking Day?

It’s almost here! Tomorrow is (inter)National Scrapbooking Day and I’m getting geared up to celebrate! Actually, I’d have to say that I have already started celebrating. I started a major clean and reboot of my scraproom last weekend to clear some work space and refresh the space in general. It’s still far from perfect, but imperfect works …

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